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What are the main issues with a Holiday Home in Italy?

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Having a holiday home in Italy can be the dream of many families, but you might struggle, knowing that most of the year you live far away and you don’t know what’s happening to your property.

Here are the main issues you could encounter when back in your home town:

  • You have no track of what’s happening to your house
  • Leacks on the roof, frozen hydraulic system, electricity and water system problems
  • Issues with problems due to rain, snow or other atmospheric disasters
  • Unpaid bills

Unfortunately, you might have no control over your holiday home when you live far away and this can be quite struggling and stressful, knowing that you have no one to look after the house for you. Thankfully a Property Manager can help you do regular checks and controls of the house while you are not in Italy. From general controls inside and outside of the house, to maintenance works, gardening and checking your letters and bills.

It’s easy to get in touch with the Property Manager and you can have direct contact with a trusted ‘person to look after your house. This will make you feel safe, even if you are not staying in Italy for most time of the year.

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