Property manager.
Holiday home caretaking and maintenance.

We take care of your holiday home in Italy while you’re back in your country.

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What people say about me

Martin and Heather

From scotland

“It gives me piece of mind knowing that the house Is safe when I’m not here. When I’m reading about bad weather in the newspaper I think what is happening in Italy? Knowing that someone is coming for regular checks makes me feel safe.”


from the netherlands

“When I return to Holland I think maybe I left the water on, there has been storming damage and can’t see it and other things such as the door open, shutter open, etc. Since I have someone to look after my home, I return to Italy and I know everything is all right and no strange things happened when I was away or if something happened it has been fixed.

Dirk and Inge

from belgium

“We are very happy with what you do for us and how you do it. When we are back home in Belgium we are concerned that something could happen to our italian property (damages,…). By visiting our house on a regular basis, you check that everything is in order. Besides you offer a lot of support in with many things. We feel more at ease. We know you could help us if there is something wrong.”


from the netherlands

From the first contact with Claudio, it immediately felt right to use his services. Claudio makes sure that we feel comfortable when we arrive at our house so that we are not faced with problems that we have to solve before our vacation can start. It is difficult when you are in the Netherlands to have control over what happens in and around the house. So it is good when someone does regular checks and informs us when something is not right or if, on the contrary, everything is going well with the house.

If you would like to receive more references, please let me know and I will put you in contact with the families I help privately.

Live the best experience
in your Italian property. Enjoy your holidays with the people you love.
Feel safe when you’re back in your country.

Managing your property


Save and earn money  

Avoid unexpected damage to your home

Solve any issue in advance

Feel safe when back in your country

Enjoy your holiday

Italian/English native speakers


Key handling

Regular checks of the property every month

Recap e-mail at every visit

Maintenance provided

Extra visits in case of bad weather, snow or storms

Requests of quotation


Valtaro and Valceno

Parma, Reggio Emilia Modena, Bologna

Emiilia Romagna, Liguria, Tuscany

Live the best experience in your Italian holiday home.

Holiday house purchase service

We recently started a new cooperation: dutch-language guidance for the purchase of an affordable (second) home in Italy, you can visit the website here

What I do

1 –
I do regular controls of the house and inform the owner about the status of the property with an e-mail every month

2 –
Property maintenance including cleaning, gardening, service of the electric and plumbing systems, pool maintenance

3 –
Managing and controlling the keys.

Your holiday home left abandoned for most of the year has many issues, water leaks, broken roof tiles, or other damages to the property that you can’t control.
You call Manage my Home and a trusted property manager comes to check your holiday home
You get an expert to manage the keys and look after your house while you’re not in Italy.
Your trusted property manager checks the house on a regular basis once a month
Your property manager will call for maintenance when needed.
You will relax and enjoy your holiday home during your stay in Italy.

My Story

This is the story of how a friend of mine inspired me to start the business.

It was thanks to my friend Saskia back in 2019 that I decided to help people like you, who own a holiday home in Valtaro/Valceno, look after their properties.

Almost 10 years ago Saskia bought a house in the Italian countryside in the province of Parma. After spending the summer holidays in Italy she went back to her hometown in Holland but during winter a painful issue occurred. Water leakage caused the complete flooding of her house. She had to spend lots of money on reparation and water bill. As she says it was so stressful and disappointing having no power or ability to check the conditions of her home while she was away.

We had been friends for a while and since that day, she asked me to go on regular checks of her property in order to avoid any future issues. No one was providing this service and she didn’t have anyone to reach out to in Italy for assistance, so she also had no control over what was happening at her property while she wasn’t there.

Thanks to the inspiration of my friend, I decided to launch my own property management company.
Soon I met many other people with the same problem with whom I built a trustful and sincere friendship and cooperation.

Today I look after holiday homes and provide the most trusted maintenance services so families can enjoy the best Italian holidays, feel safe when back in their home country, and feel part of the local community.

My aim is to be a reliable and trustworthy friend who will make you love your holiday home even when you’re not there.

What else can I do for you?

I can offer you extra help before you arrive at your holiday home.
House renting

I will help you rent the house during the period you are not at your holiday home. I will get in touch with your guests, help them with check-in / check-out, handle the keys and get the house and garden clean.

Cleaning the house

I can manage the cleaning of your house before you arrive at your home so you can enjoy your holiday or I can get your house clean and tidy for guests’ changeover.


Do you want to have shopping ready at your home on your arrival so you don’t have to worry about food and drinks? I will be happy to help you with this.


If you need airport pick-up or need a lift on your return to the airport, I can manage your collection in order to reach your home.

If you like what we can do for you, let’s have a chat and a cup of coffee!