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Is your holiday home left empty most of the year?

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It’s never easy to leave your summer home at the end of your holidays. And what happens to the property throughout the year, while you’re back in your country?

Leaving Italy at the end of summer is not easy. The beautiful weather, lovely food, Italian hospitality and culture, but especially your home; the place that you love and where you like to spend your summer time, with your beloved, your sons and daughter, your nephews and also your friends.

It could be difficult, knowing you are far from your own home most of the year not knowing what is going on over there.

As a second home in Italy also means extra expenses, according to a survey a 100 sq. meter house can cost you up to € 11.000 euros per year link for the following taxes and fees:

  • IMU Municipal Property Tax – It is calculated at 7.6% of the cadastral land value of the property.
  • TASI Indivisible Services Tax – between 1% and 3.3% of the property’s cadastral value
  • TARI Waste Tax (Tassa sui Rifuiti or garbage expenses) – It is made up of two parts, one fixed based on the useful surface area of the property, and one variable based on the number of persons resident there.
  • Other expenses may include maintenance of the house, insurance and loan fees with the bank.

All these cost may vary depending on the location. If you have bought a house in the main cities such as Milan, Rome, Florence, but also in the main location close to the see, the expenses will be higher.

For these reasons, leaving the house empty most of the year, it’s important to understand exactly what kind of fees and expenses we are supposed to pay.

Some people think about renting the house while they are staying in their holiday home, but it’s also very important to find someone to trust that can handle the keys to guests and look after cleaning and maintenance of the property. So check all these things out before you do your next step!

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