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Are you looking for your ideal Holiday Home in Valtaro – Valceno?

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Today you can search for your perfect holiday house in Italy quite easily. In fact, there are many possibilities to find a property for sale online.

You can choose to move to Italy and search for the perfect location yourself, rely on the estate agency or search the local facebook groups.

Of course, if you go through a website and Facebook you can avoid the estate agency fee but you can’t be sure what to expect.

In Valtaro and Valceno you can find affordable houses for sale on the following Facebook pages:

At this moment especially in this area, there are many opportunities, due to lots of houses left empty outside the main towns, you can buy a house even for less that 10.000 euros. Of course, I’m talking about houses that need to be renovated, but this way you can create your own special holiday home taylor-made to your taste.

Main websites to find a property

These are the main websites you can use to look for a Property in Italy:

In order to look for a house, you can go through one of these websites, look for the place you like the most, and get directly in touch with the owner of the property. Once you contact the owner the following step is to travel to Italy and have a look at the house in person.

It might be struggling and difficult going through Italian bureaucracy, but you can find lots of help if you can find a trusted property manager to help you with organization and papers.

Once you found the perfect house to buy an important role in Italian regulations is that of the Notaio, who is the person in charge of regulating the sale and purchase of the houses in Italy.

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