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Who is taking care of your Italian property when you’re back in your country?

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When we decide to buy a property in Italy we are not completely aware of who is going to look after our second home/holiday home in Italy.

The big issue is that we have no control at all over what is happening to our house on the Italian territory and we can’t go back and forward constantly during the year.

We hear about bad weather on the news, we are not sure our heating system is working correctly, or that the house is in safe hands.

How many problems could we have? Or what could be happening to our home in Italy?

Most people who decided to buy a house to spend their holiday try to ask the neighbors to have a look at the house every now and then. But also many families bought a house isolated and with no houses nearby.

Yes, the neighbors sometimes could help, but they are not always there themselves and it could be a pain to keep asking them to check on your house. Moreover, if you live outside and are isolated from the rest of the city or village it might be a good solution to manage your home and avoid you worrying about your home.

This is how and when you start looking for someone to help you take care of your property in Italy.

In a recent article from Sole24 Ore you can see how this activity is becoming a big deal especially for renting the house on short stay.

But this is not the only reason you are looking for a trusted person to help you with your second home. Think about the electricity system, the heating system in winter, doing the cleaning, havening the garden tidy and the grass cut before your arrival in summer…These are all stressful tasks you need to manage yourself.

And you? Do you have someone to help you or do you manage your second home in Italy all by yourself?

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